"Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success.
When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole
soul into it....Nothing great was ever achieved without

ChangeCast is a spirited boutique consulting firm that leverages a skilled and seasoned network to find the right evolution solution for your business.

We serve as:

Strategic thought partners and advisors - ChangeCast has earned a reputation for its highly strategic thinking and ability to bring strategy to life in practice and through people. We've worked in an executive capacity within companies, and understand our clients' realities.

Guides and collaborators - We believe in an active and interactive partnership. Whether it's developing the evolution strategy or working with team members to ensure a change plan is adopted, ChangeCast is adept at providing actionable and pragmatic guidance.

Innovators in field of change - ChangeCast has developed a suite of breakthrough methods, programs and tools designed to increase the effectiveness of the change, from planning successful change to ensuring integration at every level.

Specialists in marketing and creatively-driven organizations - Though we work across many fields, our extensive time spent within these types of organizations has given us a deep understanding of how they function and what it takes to help them succeed.

Patti DiVella

ChangeCast is the perfect realization of Patti's commitment to fostering human engagement and organizational authenticity. She not only wanted to leverage her years of experience to serve clients in their evolution, but also to create new thinking and methods in the field of change.

Organizational change is not for the meek, and Patti DiVella has never been afraid to confront the hard issues head-on. For over 20 years Patti has partnered with top executives throughout the country helping their organizations evolve. As founding member of the results-driven PDV Consulting Company, she specialized in change management, organizational design, leadership and executive coaching for Fortune 500 companies like Adidas, Gap Inc., McKesson, Genentech and Charles Schwab.

Patti holds both a MS in Organizational Development and a BS in Organizational Behavior. And since her graduation day in the early '90s, Patti has seen thousands of seemingly immovable obstacles standing between companies and transformation. But she's come to believe that with trust, compassion, boldness and professional accountability no challenge is insurmountable.

Innovation is another much-needed element in any organization's evolution. For the past four years, she has partnered with Susan to develop, test and perfect a proprietary suite of tools and programs that have proven to bring quick and meaningful change to companies, big and small.

Susan Wayne

The founding of ChangeCast in 2009 was inspired by Susan's lifelong passion for transformational work. She combines her vast and varied experiences in corporate leadership, marketing, advertising, and human and group transformation to bring a unique set of traits and capabilities to her client work.

Prior to ChangeCast, Susan spent over 18 years in marketing and advertising, and became known for her strong strategic and organizational leadership for some of the highest-profile brands in the country. Most recently, she served as Chief Marketing Officer for Old Navy. Previous to that, Susan was Executive Vice President and Co-Leader of Account Management at Leo Burnett, earning Advertising Age's "Women to Watch" honor.

Susan is also a life-long student of what it takes to successfully evolve. In addition to her MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and BA from Dartmouth College, Susan is CRR-Global-trained Systems Coach, as well as an ordained Interfaith Chaplain and spiritual teacher.

She has a unique ability to understand and drive toward the business goals at hand, while tapping into the human and system dynamics in any given situation. Susan also brings her breadth of experiences to bear in the co-creation of new and innovative programs and methods that propel healthy and effective organizational change.